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Hey guys!

So sorry, I havent posted in a really really really long time.

But dont worry – love never goes away, neither will my poems.

Will soon be back with more – and hopefully ones of better quality.

So keep lovin, keep givin, and keep checking this space, for a taste of the good ‘ol magic of romance.

I havent written in a long long time. I realise that. But to be fair, I was writing because I was in love. I still am in love, I believe. I was giving vent to feelings unreciprocated (which you would have figured if you’ve read my poems).

But at that time, I was living in hope. But eventually, I just gave up. I lost the hope I had been clinging onto. And so I lost the motivation to write. Seeing Him 2 months later opened my mind a little, although my heart just balled up, aching everywhere.

And I realised, this is forever going to be unrequited love. And being aware of that, I now feel, I didn’t even need him, to love him.

So this is the premise on my following poem, ‘Love Letters’.

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And being the desi bollywood fan that i am, let me re-emphasise that point with a quote from the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.