Im Indian. So naturally Bollywood means the world to me, so much so that Im possessive about it.

Im in love with the actors, I want to be the actresses, I want to be able to sing the songs they sing, I want keep up with them on the dance floor, be part of the same adventures and partake in the same love stories.

And Im about 100% sure that more than 50% of the readers will stop reading this post at this point and/or screw up their nose in distaste with the the readiness of asking me golden question,  ‘why’.

You see, the songs, the dances, the hyperbolic action sequences, the tender (yet, quite conservative) romance, may be synonymous with ‘Low IQ’ even. And no-one wants to be thought of, as having ‘Low IQ’. People wish to be considered elitist, with profoundly developed finer senses such that they are able to appreciate the artistic means of entertainment. These are the people who will choose the critically acclaimed movie which collected tuppence over the wildly successful ‘massy’ movies.

And since these people are so aware of their worldly wisdom, here’s to hoping that they understand the meaning of entertainment. For I do not wish to waste two hours of my life crying over a heart wrenching movie, there are better things to cry about. I do not wish to waste two hours of my life watching a film that is greek to them, that feeling till wait till one gets to work/ school respectively. I want to spend that money on two hours where i can sit, and laugh till i cry at something I understand but don’t believe, instead.

So lets not judge the choices and tastes of others. After all to some films are an educative tool. To others, its just a source of entertainment. So lets just take the back seat, push back our chairs and relax for a while (in the way in which WE are comfortable).

But just to slyly shove into your faces, my idea of entertainment and my perception of Bollywood :

  1. The fun and cuteness.


2. The intensity and romance


3. The drama and action.


The song and dance.



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